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First of all, we want to declare a huge thank you. Thanks to everybody who visited us on our first MIDNIGHT SESSION on the 28th of November at „Das Blaue Haus“. It was amazing! At first, I thought that the event will be well – attended and we could hang out together and spend a nice evening. However, what really happened exceeded all expectations. Not only people who support MIDNIGHT and understand it’s philosophy visited us, but also people that did not know much about MIDNIGHT and wanted to experience its vibe came through. Our guests got to know the authenticity and urbanity of MIDNIGHT and could see the successful combination of street and art. The event was accompanied by the unique taste in music of Mercy Milano and crowned by the live performance of DER VEIB. DER VEIB took the atmosphere to a whole other level, which only can be described in one word: EUPHORY Again, huge thanks to everyone who visited us!

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