October 1, 2019

Do you think it is possible that fiction can turn into reality?

If not then read further and maybe you´ll understand the reason behind our reality collection.

We are all big fans of anime and especially one anime movie shaped our childhood and is still today very important. This movie is called Akira. It is set in a 2019 Neo-Tokyo where Rival motorcycle gangs fight in the streets. Revolutionaries and religious fanatics clash with the police. And behind the scenes, the military and sneaky politicians are fighting for control, while scientists carry out strange experiments on children.

Although th...

September 23, 2019

Hey, guys, we hope you had a great weekend! Cause we were amazed to see so many people at our first "Upper H Block Party" The reason why we organized something like that was to show how unique and wonderful our street culture is.
We think that street culture is a creative home for a huge collection of subcultures, including dancers, designers, filmmakers, graffiti artists, athletes, musicians, tattoo artists, skateboarders and a multitude of others.

Everything evolves around who you are and how you express yourself. So people
who live our lifestyle are culturally-aware and will take the time to...

July 29, 2019