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Self printed 3D material on an Adidas Superstar

We have realized an idea with the artist burr that we recently realized with Lars trucks.

We wanted to see the difference what would be if we work on a superstar with our 3d printed material and sew the whole thing on it by hand. At Lars trucks we did this with the machine and it the result you know the whole thing you can read here again.

To Burr we must also say that he has done the whole thing for the first time and the result therefore dem sprechend not quite clean what but again is not bad because it was an experiment.

The possibility that you have with the manual work is actually infinite the problem is that you have to get used to it until you get good results. The difference is of course immence but we want to praise Burr who has learned a new skill and has made the effort to pull this through with us.

We think that we will make in any case in the future more often what with us on the Youtube channel with shoes. It is always nice to see what is possible and what is not.

Thanks to Burr and thanks to all who support us on the journey.

Peace Midnight

midnight adidas superstar
midnight adidas superstar

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