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The Future is Midnight

Yesterday we had the opportunity to make a shoe at lars trucks. He has the equipment for it and it was a great experience! Because we could finally test our own 3d printed fabric.

It is made of abs (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene), a synthetic polymer made from the monomers acrylonitrile, 1.3 butadiene and styrene. ABS is amorphous and belongs to the group of thermoplastics.

The properties of the material:

1. ABS and products made with ABS have recycling number 7.

2. the composition of ABS is 50% styrene and the rest 50% butadiene and acrylonitrile.

3.It has high impact resistance even when it is at low temperature.

4.It has low melting point and is easily flammable when smoke is strong.

5.This plastic has limited resistance to weathering.

6. ABS is very easy to work with. Whether drilling, milling or sawing, all these processes can be done easily with ABS.

7. it is a cheap material and highly recyclable.

How is ABS recycled?

When a plastic recycling unit receives plastic, the first step is to shred all the plastic pieces. Then, all other impurities such as metals and unwanted plastics are filtered out by a water system that uses different speeds of water flows. ABS is extracted from these plastic parts and mixed with new ABS to make new products.

Thus, ABS is highly recyclable! But what is amazing is that we have modified the printer to be able to print very thin sheets and sew them!

We were finally able to test this! We hope you like the result!

midnight air force one
midnight air force one

midnight air force one
midnight air force one

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