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I hope you all have celebrated well into the new year. Lately it was turbolent with us therefore we could not write a new blog entry I hope you forgive us. We would not be Midnight if we would not keep our word and not write a post to each collection.

Now we want to bring you closer to the Life collection and explain what the individual motifs mean, because as always, each collection has its own story.

The story starts with the Adventure Shirt which shows a man wearing a helmet and you can see his muscles and then the skeleton. The image must be counterclockwise because the astronaut helmet is to symbolize youth, childhood and the 20-30 years where many are adventurous and exploring. If you then go down to the half with the muscles you see that you are not immortal and also every man decays. It should reflect the adult years and of course the skeleton should then represent death itself. We all decay at some point but if you then go back up one that life goes on and on and it is a cycle.

The motif with the woman and the man is to represent the love that takes place in one's life. The woman deliberately has no face, because it should represent the universe and the man next to it with the helmet with her on a journey into the unknown goes. I find this idea that one with a life partner on an unknown journey in which case life goes on a journey very romantic and lovable.

The plant is to symbolize what many do not have in life and that is patience. The patience that everything will be fine in life, the patience that you will achieve what you set out to do when the time is right. People do not let it get you down, go your way but you have to be patient because if you force something it will never be as it could have been.

The last motive is simply to symbolize the challenge, in which you see how he holds the world in his hands. Because I think that we can still do it all and we have to be optimistic! If I had been told that I would ever do a collection for MCM, I would have thought they were crazy, but I was optimistically patient and accepted the challenge with the brand and four years later I had the collabo with MCM.

What I want to give you is just be yourself, be patient, be adventurous and accept challenges!

We love you guys.


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