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We changed something

We as MIDNIGHT always hold ourselves to the standard to make every piece unique and still keep the same above average quality. That’s why we use water-based dye and every piece we make is made from fair-trade organic cotton which we obtain from a family-owned business in Turkey. Every step of the process takes place in our store in Mönchengladbach, where we do everything by hand and due to that we can keep up fair woking conditions and minimize over-production.

Inner cities are dying. Due to massive popularity of online stores, smaller businesses get into a competition they can’t win.

A few weeks ago we made some big changes to our store and it has now become more of an atelier. Our vision was to create a safe-space where every person of our community feels welcome and gets the opportunity to work on their own projects. We wanted to shift the focus away from selling clothes to making clothes and giving our community the chance to be a part of it.

Come visit us and join our movement.

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