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In Accordance with our trip to Paris and our bond to street art, we created a collection called Sauvage a Paris. It consists of one of a kind pieces which are unique and show our vision of combining french Street art and our taste of fashion. But what does Sauvage really mean?

For us, it stands for freedom, independence, and passion which becomes a necessary fuel for creators, a community and even a movement to convey their raison d'être.

It is as well an important feature which comes with a lot of responsibilities. Pioneers like Jacques Villeglé, Ernest Pignon-Ernest, and Daniel Buren are examples of using their wild drive to create street art. Although they encounter many difficulties like vandalism or other criminal punishment, street art became what it is today because of people like them who used stencils, posters decollage techniques and abundant use of typography on public space to spread their vision.

This leads us to where we take part to convey our raison d'être and to be the brand we are!

Check out our Instagram page to get some expressions of our trip to Paris, our Sauvage a Paris Event and our ZERO WASTE RECONSTRUCTED collection release party.

P.s.: All clothing pieces are now available in our webshop.

midnight sauvage a paris

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