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Risk and Reality

Every one of us knows it, everyone has a dream, everyone wants to achieve something, many dreams are different, many are similar, some are the same. The question always remains with all these dreams: How far will you go? How much do you sacrifice?

This is exactly what the new collection is about, the slightly yellowish fabric that has been dyed, intricately glued onto the zipper or hoodie and then sewn to be finished has a purpose.

The meaning is simple: each rag represents a path you take to fulfil your dream. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. Then it goes on and a new hole is created, a new cable branch is created and you go your way to reach your goal.

This is to illustrate the risks that can occur when you go down this path. Sometimes a hole is created my chance to reach the goal your dream.

We at Midnight walk this path together with you. And we thank everyone who walks this path with us.


midnight zipper

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