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Have you ever listened to a podcast? If you have, you know that there's not one word to truly describe them.

But one thing is for sure through podcasts you can listen to different perspectives and hear thoughts from different voices. Therefore, we implement it in our midnight box, where upcoming music artists introduce themself and perform some of their songs.

Moreover, we want to enable them and our community to share knowledge, thoughts and different perspectives at a place where they can be themself and feel at home. So everyone who is listening to our podcasts can learn more about the artists we invite, our community and us. Through that, we can give our brand and our movement a voice that wants to be heard.

If you have missed our last midnight box or haven't listen to a podcast first hand then check our new podcast and build your own opinion about it.

P.s. Here is the link to our new podcast

ely oop in the midnight box
midnight box with ely

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