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Since we have now officially signed with the showroom of Habemau, we were allowed to represent our first small capsule collection in the showroom this winter.

Since it is a big milestone for us we wanted to do something special and have taken as a theme a patent that we have recently discovered.

It's about the pentagon in 2006 applying for a patent on how to bundle your chakra and go through walls. I found the theme so weird that I wanted to make a collection about it.

Meaning of the cut

By sewing two shirts together, the worlds between the real world and the supernatural should be clarified. It should be a kind of border between us and the supernatural world, which is crossed by the print.

Definition in the print

The offset print and the stitching create an interesting construction that stands out from the crowd and leaves room for interpretation. The offset print is also an underlining of the overall image that the person can travel through both worlds.

paranormal midnight
midnight paranormal

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