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One year Midnight Experience Space

The store that was initially a journey into the unknown has now become our home. Back then, before Midnight was founded with only 10 Euro in the pocket and a vision to create streetwear, we could never imagine having a store. The more we are grateful that we make it this far with our Experience Space. In one year we have experienced a lot, from the Midnight Box to the Block Party and the Gang life event with 16 bars. People came from all over the world to visit us and that alone made us very proud. Through our Experience Space, we also managed to give the people an understanding of our philosophy and established a deeper relationship between art and clothing with them. A lot has happened and we have taken a giant step forward as an independent brand, and there is more to come. Thanks to everyone who is and will be on this journey with us! We love you, Midnight

Midnight Space Store
Midnight experience space

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