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For us as a brand, this step was a big, emotional moment because we have been working for a long time to realise our vision of fashion and technology.

Our new homepage is a masterpiece of cutting-edge technology and design art. We have designed it with the latest developments in virtual reality and the Metaverse to offer our community a truly unique shopping experience. The site is designed to make visitors feel like they are in a futuristic world just waiting to be explored.

Interacting with our products becomes a real experience that customers will not soon forget.

For us as a brand, however, the new homepage means much more than just a technological innovation. It is proof that we can realise our vision of fashion and technology. We want to offer our community not just fashion, but an experience that excites them and makes them feel part of a future that is still ahead of us.

As a fashion brand, we have always strived to present our products in the best possible quality. We want to ensure that our customers see our garments as we see them - with all the details and features that make each piece so unique.

To achieve this goal, we have taken inspiration from an unusual source: Computer games. We realised that computer games are a wonderful way to represent complex objects, like garments, in an interactive 3D environment.

Therefore, we decided to display our products not only with simple product images, but also as interactive 3D models. Our customers can now experience each garment in full 3D quality. They can rotate, zoom and view the garment from all sides to see all the details and features in detail.

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midnight product

midnight metaverse

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