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Since we founded the brand, we have always kept it authentic and pursue the goal to create a sense of community via shared cultural values. With that in mind, we want to spread the core values of streetwear which are pulled from punk, hip-hop, surfing, skating, or graffiti.

Therefore every handmade clothing piece we produce has its own story. That’s the language we use to represent our community.

Through the new collaborative platform of MCM, we were able to combine our sense of culture and community with a luxury brand which has a long history. In regards to that, the MCM x Midnight collaboration was born. By implementing sustainable methods like upcycled tees and using screen-printing techniques the collaboration aims to offset the industrialization of fashion. The different motives of the collaboration show our futuristic view of streetwear and how important it is for a brand to have a sense of culture, community, and authenticity. Because in the future people will choose clothes according to what the brands stand for.

Mcm Midnight
McM x Midnight

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