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2019 passed faster than we predicted it, but it was a year full of surprises, difficult decisions, sleepless nights and a lot of fun with all people who accompanied us. To describe it with one word, we would choose growth. Through various events, we learned a lot about our brand, our selves, and our community, to lay a solid foundation. The most memorable events that happened last year were the opening of our Midnight Experience Space, the Upper H Blockparty, and our capsule collection with 16 bars and Rufkutt.

Since the opening of our Midnight Experience Space last April, we were able to create a place of retreat for our community. It was a difficult challenge, but every effort we put in it was worth it because until today the people who come by feel at ease and contribute a lot to our movement. Every month we set up two till tree events. Either we invite newcomer artists or do screen printing workshops, which enables the people to create their unique clothing pieces. Through that, we established a place that is not only considered as a boutique or a venue for different events. It turned into a home for our urban subculture, where everyone is different and welcomed. Following that, we organized the Upper H Block Party. With the help of the skate community, well-respected DJs we have known, international tattoo artists, newcomer MC's, and food stalls, we celebrated the end of summer. We were proud and grateful to gather so many people from different subcultures in one place. Through that, we were able to give something back to the people.

As you might know, our Community and the close people around are very important to us. We think most of you know the feeling of having an important group of people beside you who encourage you. Its also well known in music, art, fashion, and other artistic fields. Depending on how you grew up those people can be referred to as Gang. To show you our defintion of Gang we teamed up with 16 bars and Rufkutt and created the Gang Life capsule collection last October. 16 bars is a well-known magazine and music platform for urban culture and music premieres. Furthermore, they do interviews with national and international music artists. Rufkutt is a brand that belongs to 16 bars. Both are based in berlin

Inspired by the message which the movie la Haine delivers, our Gang Life capsule collection came to life. The movie is till today relevant and shows that it doesn't matter how deep you fall it only matters how you land. Moreover, it shows what you can achieve if you are surrounded by people who are important to you and share the same vision as you. The best example for that is Mathieu Kassovitz who wrote, co-edited, and directed the movie by the age of 24. To begin this year with the goal to reach new highs we are proud to show a brand a new article about our brand from Adrian Bianco who is the editor-in-chief of Feel free to share it

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