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Fuck your average lifestyle pt.1

It might be easy and safe to conform and being stuck within our comfort zone but

that doesn't align with our purpose, dreams, and values.

There is no ideal blueprint or a perfect way to get to our desired lifestyle, but not

pursuing it is worse than failure itself. Therefore, we believe that we are the

designers of our destiny and deserved it to value ourselves and who we are. With

that in mind, we have always the possibility to pursue the life we want because

at the End of the day its a choice only we can make. This is the message behind

the 'FUCK YOUR AVERAGE LIFESTYLE' collection. It consists of a bleached black

short and Buckethead, the Money T-shirt, the Mistake T-Shirt, and a wallet.

Through the whole collection, we used orange and black to colorfully highlight

our message. The color orange reflects power, energy, and the enjoyment of life

which are the driving forces to break free from a dictated life by fear, society, and

other people. We also used black as contrast and to show the seriousness behind

our message.

We hope you are all fine healthy and enjoyed our new 'FUCK YOUR AVERAGE

LIFESTYLE' collection

midnight community
midnight community

midnight cardholer
midnight cardholder

midnight bucket
midnight bucket hat

midnight mistake
midnight mistake

midnight mistake
midnight mistake

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