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About two weeks ago we launched our new collection.

"CULT" includes a total of six different pieces: the t-shirt in white and black, a longsleeve, a knitted sweater, a hand-sewn bag and the "CULT MASK".

This collection is representative of what we are at MIDNIGHT: A Culture.

midnight cult

We've been asked many times in the past how to become a part of the community, but do you have to define it so precisely? Aren't you already part of the community when you share a post or blogpost? Aren't you already part of it when you support us on social media or attend our events?

For us it's clear: You belong if you want to belong. You don't have to buy a piece from the collection or pass some kind of acceptance ritual.

midnight cult
midnight cult

Share with us and we share with you.

Our Cult is the community, the shared values, mutual respect and mutual support.

Follow the community. Follow the Cult.

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