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Contact with the community.

Hey guys we hope you are doing well. In such a difficult time we are all going through something. Most important for us as brand was to find a room where we can stay in contact with you because our events and sessions can't take place under the circumstances of the pandemic.

These events are important to us because apart from the friendships that have formed through them, it has always been important to us as a brand to show you what midnight is and what it stands for.

That's why we introduced the Clubhouse Talks and the Monday Streams. But as a brand we want to go one step further and offer you even more at a time like this. Starting from next Monday 01.03 we will be hosting our first Youtube Channel.

The Channel will be all about streetwear but also fashion and culture. We don't want to limit ourselves to the brand itself but in general bring you closer to the philosophy and culture of streetwear. It is a pilot project and we hope that you appreciate it as much as we do. Because there is a lot of work and love behind it.

Furthermore, starting next week, there will be a blog entry twice a week to go with the two Youtube videos, where we will go into more detail.

Thank you so much for supporting us as a brand and we hope that you will get over the time well.

We wish you a nice weekend.

Youtube Channel:

midnight community
midnight community

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