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Hello everyone, we spent the year 2020 only in front of the screen, watching stream after stream thanks to the pandemic. The longing for social contacts is growing and the desire to experience something is increasing. This combined with the pandemic puts many people in a bad mood and the desire to return to the roots grows. Many people will recognize again, where the human being and where we actually comes from we will realize that we need a detoxification from all that we have experienced in 2020.

Mother Nature

She has given everything life, the earth on which everything grows, the air to breathe but

she is through all the industrialization on the ground and has had to sacrifice much. The blood transfusion is to show that it is really 5 to 12 is the missing arm and the missing eye

the missing eye also still bandages are show that she is down. Not for nothing was it announced in December 2020 that for the first time what the human has created weighs more than the earth among other things also the large share of plastic. All this is clarified in the picture it is five to 12 and generally fits generally that the people again to the find nature and they should appreciate should.


Mushrooms have great importance in nature and for the collection. If you look at the

the motif of Mother Nature you can see them in the background also mushrooms that have the following backgrounds the first is mushrooms build for example wood, dried leaves, fruits, but also horn and fats. In the process they return nitrogen compounds and other substances back into the soil, which are available to plants and animals again. Furthermore, mushrooms fit in with the collection idea that people should be more concerned with their with their environment, i.e. the German will then probably also more often in Germany Vacation make since it is currently difficult with traveling and in Germany, you can find predominantly many mushrooms in the forests.


The hands are to illustrate that human more connected to nature then we think the mushrooms on the hands are the the mushroom motif itself again clarify because a fungus the fungus can return nitrogen compounds and other substances back into the soil and thus create food for animals and this can the human can also create with his hand, in which he adds nutrients to the soil and pays attention to how he deals with his environment.

The man in itself should clarify what

he has accomplished the detoxification therefore the relieved face.


The collection will release tomorrow at 3pm thank you for your support!

midnight hands

midnight mushrooms

midnight mother nature

midnight human

midnight detox

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