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3D prints and podcasts

We hope you all are doing fine. As you may know, we thought about various ways to improve ourselves and to always create something new for you. Through that, we decided to implement accessories that are created with a 3d printer. That allows us to offer you unique bags, key chains, and sculptures. Furthermore, we started a podcast series for each collection we are dropping. The first one is about our community collection, which features the message and story behind it.

By that, we also created a Spotify keychain with which you can get to the podcast.Moreover, we started a raffle for the first-ever made Community sculpture, which can function as a Smartphone holder for your desk. To participate, you only need to buy one piece of our community collection. The raffle will end on the 31 of July.

p.s. Everyone who purchased a piece of the community collection will get a Spotify keychain as well.

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