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Do you think it is possible that fiction can turn into reality?

If not then read further and maybe you´ll understand the reason behind our reality collection.

We are all big fans of anime and especially one anime movie shaped our childhood and is still today very important. This movie is called Akira. It is set in a 2019 Neo-Tokyo where Rival motorcycle gangs fight in the streets. Revolutionaries and religious fanatics clash with the police. And behind the scenes, the military and sneaky politicians are fighting for control, while scientists carry out strange experiments on children.

Although the movie was released in 1988, which was over 30 years ago it addresses current issues. Like mental illness, political conflicts, war and a state of chaos where most of the population know that we are destroying our environment. In such chaotic times, you always have the opportunity to do something against it or to share your thoughts about it.

The reality collection consists of three t-shirts, which are called chaos, explode and night call. The chaos shirt resembles the reality we are going through. Everywhere in the world, you can see chaos even in a little town. It can be seen through gang fights, discrimination, the poor state of our environment and the problems we are facing with ourselves as human beings. But what is left for us in a world with such circumstances? To answer that question we created the night call shirt. Although we are not living in the best condition we are finding different ways to move forward and to do the best we can. That kind of mindset brings us together as a community where everybody supports each and has a place you can call home although you are not a family. So we don´t let the chaos drag us down. And know you can guess at which time we gather? Right, when the night calls.

The explode shirt is the last piece of the capsule collection and it shows what we think will happen if we don´t change something. Through this collection, we are expressing our thoughts about the current situation we are living in. Therefore we think that what´s happening right now is no fiction from a movie from the past but reality.

midnight reallity

midnight reallity

midnight reallity

midnight reallity

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