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Neon Revolution

What is necessary to start a revolution?

To answer that we’ll take a closer look at our neon capsule collection, which we released in April and which consists of the revolution jacket, the revolution T-shirt, a neon beanie and bag.

The message behind our neon capsule collection is that, everything we are doing starts with a simple thought. We often want to change something in our lives or achieve a specific goal. Most of us speak those thoughts out and ensure the people around them that they’ll do this and do that, but at the end of the day they are lacking the perseverance to turn their words into real actions. It's normal for a human being, if it doesn't work out on the first, second or third go, but the thought still remains and the opportunity that it will work out as well. Therefore, we didn't give up on our vision and put in so much effort till it worked out.

With that kind of mindset the sentence: ‘In my mind I'm the guy guy who started the revolution' is sprayed on the back of the revolution jacket. This sentence shows how everything we set as a goal started with a thought in our head.

At the front of the revolution jacket we sprayed the sentence: ‘Im the guy guy who started the revolution’. This shows how we kept on moving forward without giving up till we turned our thoughts into real actions.

To achieve a change or a revolution is basically the same, because we think the most important characteristics necessary for that are passion, perseverance, and the ambition to realize your visions. That's what we did with Midnight and to show you that it's possible we released the Neon capsule collection, which stand for a new wave, change and revolution.

Midnight neon jacket

Midnight t shirt

Midnight neon beanie

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