Midnight Experience Space

We hope you are all good. It's been 9 months since we closed our headquarter. A place FOR the community and creative minds.

But we are back and it's even better.

Maybe you already know about it or can guess what happened. For anyone who don't know. AT the 28th of April, we put Midnight on the map by opening our first store on the main shopping street Hindenburgstraße 20 in our hometown Moenchengladbach.

For us, it's one of the biggest steps that we took so far.

Moreover, it's not just a simple store. It's more than that - it's a place where everyone can get the opportunity to experience what it means to dive into the midnight philosophy. Therefore, the people who visit us are able to actively get a hold of what we are doing. How? Through live painting, self customizing, and table talks. It's not only about buying clothes and spending money, it's about making memories, experiences and to broaden the horizons with a community you can relate to. That's why we call our Store Midnight Experience

Furthermore, we released the Midnight experience Shirt for that reason.

On the back you can see prints of US entering THE new store. In the middle is a square with the message: People will understand the real meaning of this space.

Therefore does this shirt resemble what we want to achieve with the experience space and is an important piece which reminds us of our first store opening.

It's available in coral and butter.

Just come through and be part of our community. We are open on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10:00 am till 18:30 pm.

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