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To serve and protect

To serve and protect We are not here to talk about politics because that was never our intention and it will never be. We only want to remind you of a certain topic: police violence. We think it’s very important because most of us aren’t able to do something against it or don’t know what to do afterwards. This month it happened to one of us. But we were lucky to capture the moment, when the police who should protect and serve abuse their authority. We took a picture of how they took someone of us into custody without a reason. From this picture we created the police shirt. That’s our way to stand up for ourselves without seeking revenge. We don’t want to encourage people to go against the police or the law. We just want to remind you that the streets are real and that everyone can be a victim of police violence. At the end of the day it is up to you how you deal with it. You have always the choice to stand up for yourself, and that’s what Midnight does!

Midnight Police Shirt

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