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2 years Midnight Experience Space

For two proud years now we have the Midnight Experience Space, a place where next to a lot of handmade fashion, but also many events and friendships. Besides all the

Midnight Boxes and the Print your own Shirt events - with which we have managed to give some to give some people an insight into the topic of handmade fashion - but it was also about a a place of retreat for the brand and for everyone who identifies with it, regardless of nationality nationality, origin and faith.

Over time, many people from different age and and interest groups have come together and networked here, and we are proud to have proud to have created a retreat for anyone who wants to come here. We thank all of you who have come here and become part of the community, and look forward to everyone who will. Midnight is made for culture.

For this reason we will release a shirt on saturday to celebrate with you.

we love you, Midnight

midnight experience space
midnight streetwear

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