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Hey, guys, we hope you had a great weekend! Cause we were amazed to see so many people at our first "Upper H Block Party" The reason why we organized something like that was to show how unique and wonderful our street culture is.
We think that street culture is a creative home for a huge collection of subcultures, including dancers, designers, filmmakers, graffiti artists, athletes, musicians, tattoo artists, skateboarders and a multitude of others.


Everything evolves around who you are and how you express yourself. So people
who live our lifestyle are culturally-aware and will take the time to share the things they love with others. To bring those people together and establishing good vibes and a meaningful connection was our goal. Therefore we were grateful to see how everyone enjoyed it. Of course, we will do such kind of events again and are always happy to be a part of this street culture with everyone together.


For those who couldn´t be there, we created a short movie to give you a quick view of how the first "Upper H Block Party" went and uploaded it on Instagram.

Video: Link

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