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The Fifth Midnight Pop Up Store was back in Berlin. It took place from 18. 10. 2018 to 20 in Neukölln. I have to thank all Berliners here! Apart from that I have to thank Andhim very much who played in the store on Thursday. Of course it's a pity that the police ended the whole thing but it was still a great start! Then of course a big thank you to Toyashinko for her tattoo session and also that so incredible many people came for it! Thanks to Timez who did a live performance on Friday after Toyas tattoosession! At the end I had a special for the third day because I did a social expedition which I will explain in a blog entry and at the end also a thank you to Yan Music who did a really great job. The pictures were taken by Max Knechten! Thank you for that! Thanks to everyone you are the best and I hope we will all see each other again soon!

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