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It has only been a few weeks since the year started and we are constantly moving forward. Through that, we are coming up with new things for you, which include our website, the midnight box and our first collection.

At the beginning of January, we updated our website with a new design and added two new sections, which are called Events and Lookbook.

The Events section is the first source that provides you with an overview and detailed information on upcoming events like our Midnight box, which takes place on 31 January.

Concerning our Midnight box, we decide to change the concept. From now on we will record the concerts of the actors, who we invite and upload it on youtube. Moreover, we will start a podcast called Midnight box. During those podcasts, we will talk with the actors about important topics to exchange some knowledge and to learn more about each other. Of course, those talks include the audience, who are present and the actors.

As you already know we are are proud and happy to present to you our first collection, which is called 'ZERO WASTE RECONSTRUCTED'. For this collection, we chose a new approach to express our point of view of slow fashion, reconstruction, and art. Therefore, we created our first Lookbook in a minimalistic way. In the same naming section, you'll be able to see through the Lookbook pictures and get inspired by our vision.

P.s.: On 1 February we will launch the 'ZERO WASTE RECONSTRUCTED' collection during our Sauvage à Paris event.

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