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With the Midnight all over the world Capsule collection I want to show you my view of the world.

The blood dripping from the globe onto the human being is supposed to show that the being "Midnight" feeds on people wearing Midnight and every drop is supposed to be a person wearing the brand. The brand should be like a kind of uniform that people understand each other without knowing each other and gives a feeling of belonging, whether at community events or in everyday life.

The bag should underline the whole thing and show that we as a brand always dare to create other things or go new ways. Because my vision is that the people of the world appreciate craftsmanship and brands are understood with a different meta message.

Midnight is forever!

The Lucha libre will be the first of a long series. We will release a shirt with a character every month to simply give our logo a body.

The importance of the masks in this sport is explained as follows: The first masks were very simple in basic colours to distinguish the luchadores. In modern Lucha Libre, masks are colourfully designed to evoke images of animals, gods, ancient heroes or other fantasy figures into whose identity the luchador slips during the fight.

All this speaks for Midnight - because we started with simple things and have developed more and more, be it cuts, production or presentation.

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