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London said respect the hustle One year ago, we organized a live painting event in London with the fashion label Hype Peace. We created 10 collaborative garments, which were all sold within a few hours. Now we are back in London again. But this time we went one step further. We created 20 t-shirts and sold them as a promotion in Soho. Each T-shirt is unique and was labelled with "MIDNIGHT x LONDON". During our promotion it was important for us that the people determine the price themselves. So, they were able to focus on our story and everything that makes us special. We were very surprised by the response, because they respected our hustle and were happy to be approached in that way. Most of them could identify themselves with our story and gave us credits for doing the things the way we are doing them. With this feedback we know that our message is also internationally appreciated and that our MOVEMENT is constantly being continued.

Midnight London Soho
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