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Alberto x MIDNIGHT  – established company meets independent brand. Who would have thought that one of most successful trousers manufacturer in Germany offers us the opportunity to do a collaboration with them? Proably nobody, but we were confronted with this amazing message by the beginning of the year. A one time chance for us, which we wanted to take advantage of. Not only the heritage of Alberto connects us, but also the philosophy of the company. Everything started in a small manufactury more than 90 years ago. Due to a high dedication and commitment, which you will see when you take a look at the brand history, the company was able to develop to one of the most successful ones in Germany. Today, the brand is avaible in more than 2500 retail spaces in 56 countries. And still, the brand stays authentic and innovative. The collaboration should take the „as made for you“ – feeling to a higher level, by customizing three Alberto jeans individually – responsible production jeans meet handmade streetwear.

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